I am a Maker

                                                                      - x -                              

Well it took me a move in countries, having no money + teaching myself to sew with a $20 vintage sewing machine + a few scraps of fabric to make me realize what I wanted to do when I grew up!

I invested in my sanity (through this stage of my life) + set my mind to create those things that I couldn't ever find for myself!  First up ... a unique lil hat to hide my unruly hair!  Now cutting up my old clothing for this notion seemed natural - and thats where my love of the whole meticulously snipping, stitching + repurposing process began!  Soon after,  I found that in using vintage + reclaimed clothing/fabrics, these unique stories + characters would emerge in my handcrafted pieces - and this had .  me . a  . swooning!

Years have gone by + I have built a happy little business around my passion + beliefs.  We make sustainable, 'slow fashion' Nogginware.  

                                                                     Be gorgeous my friends    - x -   Jemima