La LOOKBOOK for our cute newbie on the Block ...

Meet the utterly fun lovin'  ... OTTO JONES!!!

A picture speaks a thousand words right ... can you tell i'm totally in LOVE hearty eyes with this new guy?? (i'd smile a little more, but my face still gets a little wonky from the Bell's Palsy - awkward!)

But seriously ... OTTO is such a character let me tell you ... he is triple amounts o fun not only in appearance... but his innate character (move over my Mr ... there is gonna be a new man in my life + his name starts with O + ends in JONES!)  Now yes he does look a little bit similar to the KINN JONES style, but he in fact is quite different ::

- Firstly ... OTTO is designed to sit not as deep on the Noggin as our other characters.

- Our major pride in the Sparky Jones range, is coming up with designs + colour combos that you'll never find anywhere else (whilst remaining sustainable) ... truthfully i  don't want to look the same as everybody else, it drives me nuts ... so pushing myself to create never seen before designs/aspects is my #1 driving force.   Now OTTO'S wrap around flap, dare i say will become one our topnotch SPARKY JONES signatures + really, a fab way o showcasing the bestest vintage + reclaimed rare fabrics that hold a story deep within its fibres.

- Lastly ... if you can't tell ... he's  t h e  most. fun. loving character!  The not so serious guy you need sitting on your shoulders (literally) as a gentle reminder to 'not be so hard on yourself + have some FUN silly pants'.  Pair him with summery dresses, jeans + T, for a Night out, Day in , Date night, insane day w the littles ... this uniquely positive character has got your back + will seriously become ya 'go to' style for the summer o 2018.

You can pop over to our NEW ONLINE SHOP to have a far better read o the finer details of o OTTO JONES in the Limited Edition  'Landscapes',

Before you go i just wanted to tell you that we do only have a limited amount of characters we can physically stitch up in this tiny studio, so unfortunately ... once we have reached our maximum capacity, the little chap will be SOLD OUT.  The last few tidbits o info will be added to our Insti + FB over the next week, so check in around 8pm PST nightly for that hot gossip - wink wink!

DROP DATE NIGHT will be Monday 11th June at 7PM PST on the knocker ... so set those egg timers, phone alarms + retro clocks ... set it all!

NB // if you jump on our Mailing List asap  ... you will receive a $10 off code (within the week) for your next Nogginware purchase!  Go do that STAT!. You can join here

Alright my loves. i must away + prepare for a new day o juggling little peoples + creating scrumptious Nogginware.

AuRevoir beauties