New to Moi + YOu ...

Meet the new little fella i've been dreaming of making for ummmmmm about the past 2 years ..... GUS ... 'The Travel Pod'.

Now lets talk travelling adventures!!!!  Whether i'm going camping or heading off on a jet plane,  i i always carry with me ... a big toiletries bag + a little one.  Is that just me or you like that too?  The big one has all my shampoos, hair mousse , toothbrushes + all those juicy cumbersome items that could messily explode + create trouble ... and then the little one usually holds my fav makeup + lotions n' potions for fine tuning + getting prettied up.  Well my current little pouch that i have loved  ever so dearly for about 10 years, well lets just say... alas her time is just about up + tis her time to head out to pasture and relax after all her hard work.

So instead of getting down in the frown about it ... thought GREAT, fab time to design a new whiz bang character to fill her trusty shoes.

I spent the summer adventuring with my little humans (and getting sick) + so in my little tidbits of free time, i worked on drafting the perfect sizing for GUS and learning some amazeball, 'new to me' topnotch finishing techniques!  Yup, you can probably imagine how much snazzy seams + tidy lookin' linings propel me insanity and cause many a restless night, but ... the results of all o that crazed journey ... created the. most. amazing little fella, who is ready to go out into the world, travel hard, be a loyal little friend who fills ya tank with bright colourful happiness ... because thats a little slice o what we all need ain't it!!!

So without further ado .... say bonjour, hola, kon'nichiwa to the adorably colourful

 GUS ... the travel pod.

*TESTERS are REQUIRED ... read 'Fine Print' below ::

I myself have been test driving GUS with my current obsessions, which i'll be telling ya a bit more about over on my insti/FB - yup i've found some great little products that are making my life a bit more easy peasy awesome.

* F I N E  P R I N T * 

Okay so before these handy little drops hit the market ... i'm going to need 2 TESTERS!!!  I'm a wee bit AR so i really want to make sure they are 200% perfect before they hit the NEW ONLINE SHOP - because i gots a feeling these new characters are going to be a hit as Christmas time gifties, i mean seriously ... who wouldn't love one o these colourfully usuable chaps!  So If you are interested in applying to be a  T E S T E R, head to our FB/insti pages and leave a comment of  where you'd travel w Gus, tag a friend you'd take w ya ... and the ONE product/item that would most definitos pack in your GUS because you simply. can't. live. without it!   2 testers will be chosen on Wednesday 12th 8pm so best o Luck compardres.